History of Moreton View Tower and Villas

Recent history of MVTV

MVTV was designed by highly-acclaimed architect, Des Brooks, and was constructed in 1990. At the time of their development, Dockside Hotel and MVTV established a new quality benchmark for Brisbane apartment/community living. The MVTV Body Corporate has continued throughout its history to ensure this high standard has been maintained, both structurally and aesthetically. For example:


  • Completion of upgrade to common areas surrounding the Villas
  • Completion of exterior painting of MVTV


  • Finalisation of Lift modernisation program
  • Approval of policy for bringing an animal onto or keeping an animal on the scheme


  • Completion of refurbishment of foyers on Levels 4–19
  • Completion of refurbishment of Conference room


  • Reversion of Lot entitlements scheme to pre-2007 scheme


  • Preparation for the major 2011 flood but MVTV was left relatively unscathed
  • Change of MVTV street address from 55 Darragh Street to 42 Ferry Street


  • Installation of a new water-cooling tower
  • Installation of a new intercom and access system
  • Establishment of a community herb garden
  • Commencement of MVTV annual Christmas appeal to support families via the Salvation Army
  • Celebration of MVTV 20th birthday at the Christmas party on 11 December 2010


  • Major changes to the lot entitlements scheme


  • Completion of renovation of both northside and southside podium areas with new barbecue areas, tiling and furniture
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