Intercoms, Access and Keys

Operating the Intercom system

      1. Your visitor or caller needs to key in your unit number on the intercom panel at the Main Entry or Visitor Carpark, e.g. for Unit 6, press the 6 pad; for Unit 66, press the 6 pad twice and the person then presses the call button—the telephone icon at the bottom left of the panel. 
      2. When someone calls you from the Main Entry intercom panel, or from the Visitor Carpark intercom panel, their image will appear on your screen. To speak to the person, press the green call receiving telephone icon. If the person is not entering the building, press the red telephone icon to end the call. If the person is at the Main Entry and you wish to grant access, press the lock icon to (a) unlock the main entry door, (b) provide lift access to your level and (c) end the call. The person can use any lift but must press your floor number on the lift panel. If your visitor is at the Visitor Carpark and you wish to grant access, press the lock icon to raise the boom-gate. The visitor must then call again from the Main Entry, as above. 
      3. For points 4 – 6 you need to be able to access the address book: (a) Press the telephone icon at the bottom left of your panel, when the screen will light up; (b) Press the address book button—the white light at the top left of your panel. Your ‘highlighted’ floor level is the first address listing (or rear foyer door in the case of the villas); (c) If you need to scroll down to other addresses, press the white light adjacent to the ‘down’ arrow at the bottom right of your panel. 
      4. Your visitor can also gain access by calling you using a mobile phone, without the need to operate the intercom panel. When the person phones you from the Main Entry (or Visitor Carpark), you can unlock the Main Entry door and release the lifts to your level (or raise the boom-gate) by scrolling through the address book, highlighting ‘Main Entry’ (or ‘Visitor Carpark’) and pressing the lock icon. The visitor must press your floor number in the lift. If you have granted access to the Visitor Carpark, the visitor must call again from the Main Entry, or proceed as per item 1 above. 
      5. To grant a resident (or person in the foyer) access to your lift level, press the address book button. Press the lock icon to release the lifts to your floor (or rear foyer door in the case of the villas). Your impending visitor must press your floor number in the lift. 
      6. To call another unit, press the address book button, use the arrow buttons to scroll to the highlighted desired address (unit number) and press the green telephone icon. To end the call, press the red telephone icon. 
      7. Please note that access to your floor will be denied if a third party keys your floor number in a lift before your visitor does. If this occurs, your visitor should repeat the entry process, or call you on mobile, whereby you proceed as per (4) above. 
      8. For further information it is recommended that you view the set of demonstration videos, which are available on the MVTV website


If you lock yourself out of your apartment or the building


  • Leave a spare key with the Building Manager so that it can be retrieved during business hours.
  • Leave a key with a neighbour, friend or relative who does not live too far away.
  • Hide a key—upon proof of residency, Security will be able to allow you to access your floor but Security does not hold keys for individual apartments. Security can be contacted on 0401 035 310 from 6pm until 6am, seven days per week.

Too late! You are locked out! Options include:

  • If after hours and you have left a key with the Building Manager, check into the neighbouring hotel until morning when you can retrieve your key from the Building Manager.
  • Call a locksmith.
  • Call a friend, especially one who has a key to your apartment.
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