Reporting a Problem

If you notice a building problem in MVTV’s common areas that needs attention, or you or your guests have inadvertently damaged the common property, then please contact the Building Manager.

If you are renting an apartment and have a fault within your apartment then you need to contact the letting agent.

Handling noise problems

As with all neighbourhoods, from time to time, neighbours either within MVTV or in a neighbouring building may be having fun, not realising that for others it is way past bedtime. Here are a few tips to deal with noise issues:

  • Typically, a call to Security will sort things out. Security will politely knock on the offender’s door and request that the noise be subdued. Usually this works; often the people having fun just go inside and turn the music down.
  • If Security is unable to resolve the issue, please call the police. As it is a non-emergency event, please call Dutton Park Police Station on 13 14 44.
  • As this is not a body corporate issue, please do not call the Building Manager.
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