Governance Topics Relevant to Owners Only

MVTV MyCommunity Portal

The following governance topics are relevant only to owners and can be accessed via the MVTV MyCommunity portal, which is a secure, cloud-based portal that enables owners to:

  • view their levy ledgers and pay levy contributions
  • view and print notices and minutes of committee meetings and general meetings
  • access a range of important scheme information and documents.

Alterations and renovations

Alterations or renovations to an owner’s lot must be approved by the Body Corporate Committee. Application forms for the following can be found on the MVTV MyCommunity portal.

Procedures have been put in place to ensure smooth running of renovations or other work involving outside contractors, with minimal disruption to other residents. These procedures should be read in conjunction with the By-Laws. It is the lot owner’s responsibility to ensure that all tradespersons/engineers hold current certificates and current insurance policies before commencement of any works. Should any damage be caused to the common property or another owner’s property of Moreton View Tower and Villas (MVTV), the Owner will be liable for costs incurred in repairing the damage. Further information and the application to conduct alterations or renovations can be found in the document ‘Use of outside contractors: Procedures and conditions’ in the MyCommunity portal.

The installation of balcony shutters must be in accordance with the MVTV Standard Specification for balcony shutters. The materials, blade size, panel dimensions, components, colour, layout, fixing, method and location of stacking panels, and other items are set out in the Standard Specification and installation must adhere strictly to the requirements set out.  The plans in the Standard Specification indicate the panels required for a full enclosure of the balcony for each type of unit A, B, C, D. You may choose the number of panels that you wish to have installed; however in all cases you must adhere to the panel sizes shown for your unit type. The Body Corporate does not approve permanent enclosure of balconies; that is, shutters must not be permanently joined together; rather, they must be able to be moved and opened up. For further information, please refer to the MVTV MyCommunity portal to access the MVTV Standard Specification and the Application Form for their installation.

The owner or occupier having exclusive use of a car space may, with the consent in writing of the committee of the body corporate, install cupboards/storage units at the owner’s expense. Guidelines have been prepared to assist owners with their application to install or modify cupboards/storage units in their car space. The guidelines can be found on the MVTV MyCommunity portal.

MVTV by-laws stipulate that hard flooring (marble, tiles, timber etc.) can only be installed following approval from the Body Corporate Committee. A copy of a report by an accredited acoustic consultant certifying that the sound rating (LnTw) of the completed floor coverings is no higher than 48 is required. For further information please see the bylaws in the MVTV Community Management Statement, availably at the MVTV MyCommunity portal.

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