Building Manager

The MVTV Body Corporate has a service contract with a Building Manager for the management and caretaking roles, and a letting agreement authorising the manager to carry-on the ‘letting pool’ business. The building management contract is currently with McCambridge Management P/L, with Brian and Lois McCambridge being the managers.

Role of the Building Manager

The Building Manager’s role is, in general, to manage the maintenance of the common property in keeping with the expectations of the Body Corporate. This includes, for example:

  • ensuring the building (excluding individual apartments), machinery, lifts, car parks and outdoor common areas are in good repair
  • managing maintenance contracts for such things as cleaning, lifts, pumps, cooling towers, garage doors, fire systems, gardening and pool maintenance
  • attending, providing a report and actively participating in the Body Corporate Committee meetings
  • approving the payment of invoices for work carried out under the Building Manager’s supervision in readiness for final authorisation by the Treasurer.

It is not the role of the Building Manager to:

  • take deliveries for owners
  • let tradespeople into owners’ apartments
  • let people into their apartments if they have forgotten/lost their keys.

Office hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8.30am – 1pm and 4pm – 5pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 8.30am – 1pm and 4pm – 6pm

The Building Manager is not on duty outside of these hours but will attend to emergency situations if on site

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