Governance Topics for Both Owners and Tenants


Owners can access the MVTV by-laws on the MVTV MyCommunity portal. It is the responsibility of the letting agent to provide a copy of the by-laws to tenants.

House rules

A number of ‘house rules’ have been developed to ensure the smooth running of MVTV.

Booking the facilities for a private function

In order to book the conference room or any of the BBQ areas for a private function, please complete the relevant booking form and submit to the Building Manager.

Moving furniture in and out of the building

Residents should notify the Building Manager of their intended date for moving furniture and other large items in or out of the building. This will enable the Building Manager to ensure the availability of the lift and prepare the lift for use. Moving furniture in and out is only permitted Monday to Friday, commencing no earlier than 8.30am and must be completed no later than 4.30pm.

Bringing or keeping an animal on the scheme

MVTV has a very strict policy for bringing animals onto or keeping animals on the scheme. This policy outlines the conditions under which a lot owner may bring an animal onto or keep an animal on a lot or the common property, or permit an occupier or invitee to do the same.  The policy is intended to create a harmonious environment for all in the MVTV community by fostering an attitude of respect, cooperation and consideration. A lot owner intending to bring an animal onto or keep an animal on a lot, or to permit an occupier or invitee to do the same, must comply with this policy.  Approval will only be granted after the form ‘Application to bring an animal onto or keep an animal on the Moreton View Tower and Villas CTS 4934 Scheme’, found in the policy document, and related documentation have been submitted to the Body Corporate, and the Body Corporate is satisfied that the welfare of MVTV residents and that of the animal will not be in jeopardy by bringing the animal on to the Scheme. Approval may be revoked at any time in the event of a serious or persistent breach of the policy.

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